Real-Time Data Transfer Platform

StreamDuo is a platform for B2B data streaming.

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A file transfer platform for Data Engineers.

File Transfer methods like SFTP or S3 integration are not designed for the structured data used by Data Engineers. StreamDuo is a data transfer platform built for...


Provision unique client credentials for each process, and read & write using simple APIs. Ideal for IPaaS integrations.

Data Security

Provision and manage encryption keys for each transfer, for full end-to-end data encryption.

Data Quality

Manage data schemas to reject bad data and incorrect files.

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How it Works

With StreamDuo you write data to a private stream using simple APIs. Once you grant access to your partners, they provision credentials, and read the data using flexible APIs and SDKs.

1. Create a Stream

A Stream is a private channel for you to read and write data with your partners.

2. Grant Access to your Partners

Add a partner in the console to grant them access, allowing them to provision API credentials.

3. Set the Schema and Encryption Key

Set the data schema, and public encryption keys that will be used for the data.

4. Write Data

Upload data using simple APIs or SDKs, which handle data validation and encryption.

5. Read Data

Download data using simple APIs or SDKs, which handle decryption and data validation.

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Integrated Schema Registry

Each stream has a private schema registry, allowing you to define expectations for your data, and share schemas with external partners.

With the schema registry you can stop bad data before it's ingested. Prior to data being uploaded, the latest schema is pulled and data validation is run.

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data flow sketch
how it works walkthrough

Integrated Encryption Key Registry

Public keys are associated with each stream, allowing users to manage keys and enforce end-to-end encryption.

Upload your own keys, or generate new keys for each stream.

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